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How To Do The Bump Hairstyle - Big hair continues to be in style often throughout recent years. The design was the bigger the better. The bump continues to be a favorite even now. Bump hairstyle has many names just like the quiff as well as the poof. It may be even worn and worn to dress up a simple design or in a ponytail with the elegant upward do for particular occasions.

The "bump" hairstyle is a trendy and relaxed way to pull your hair back while adding some volume. Although it may seem difficult to create, making a good bump is really all about teasing sections of your hair, and smoothing it over.

Making a Simple Bump

1. Brush out your hair. Brush your hair with a brush or comb to remove any knots and tangles from your hair. You want your hair to be as manageable as possible when creating a new hairstyle

2Decide where you want your bump to be. There are many ways to wear a bump in your hair. Some like the bump high, toward the front of their head, while others prefer the bump toward the crown of their head. It’s all a matter personal preference.

    Creating a bump toward the front of your head requires less hair, while creating a bump toward the crown of your head requires a bit more hair.
    Bumps that are toward the front of the head work well for getting bangs and fringe out of your face.
    Bumps made toward the crown of the head, work well for certain up-dos and creating retro-inspired hairstyles.

3.  Separate your bump hair section. Use your fingers or the tip of your comb to gather the section of hair you wish to use to make your bump. Be sure that the section of hair that you separate for your bump is centered on your head.[2]

    If you’re making your bump toward the crown of your head, gather your hair starting from the front sides of your head, and stop gathering toward the top of the crown of your head. This section of hair shouldn’t include hair lower than the bottom of the crown of your head.
    If you’re making your bump toward the front of your head, gather your hair spanning from around your two temples on the sides of your head, and stop gathering your hair section just before the crown of your head.

4.  Create a bump without teasing. While many people find that their bumps remain fuller and more secure when their hair is teased, it is not mandatory. If you don't want to tease, simply gather the bump section of hair, pinch the hair where you want the back end of the bump to be, push it forward a bit to create a bump, and secure down the base of the bump with bobby pins.[3]

    You will need at least one bobby pin on each side of the bump, but two on each side will give you better hold. Cross the bobby pins on top of each other for the best results.
    If you have afro-textured hair, you can easily create a bump without teasing. Simply blow dry your hair out and pull the bump section back. Then pinch the base of your bump and push it forward, securing it with bobby pins. If your hair is short enough, you can fold the ends of your hair under the bump before securing it with bobby pins.[4]
    You can use some hairspray to keep your bump in place and tame flyaways. Full Articel Click Here.

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